PSW Socially Responsible

PSW Socially Responsible

Achieving this security in the quality we offer is mainly due to the confidence we have in our people. We consider Summa-Woodbridge Industries a family and as such, we care about each other and we think in the general well-being. This work has made our employees feel like a primordial part, making this attitude clear in their daily commitment.

Thanks to this union and in recognition of our efforts to value everyone equally, in December 2013 we were honored with the distinctive "Gilberto Rincón Gallardo" which is awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. As an inclusive company We appreciate different capabilities and this recognition makes us proud and drives us to continue offering opportunities to anyone who reflects their daily enthusiasm.

The objective of this program is:

Help handicapped people develop skills and attitudes in an environment of fairness and equality to promote tools that allow a better quality of life, while promoting social inclusion.


  • Promotes values such as tolerance and non discrimination, helping them want to join this listing.
  • Are sensitized to all company personnel as they tend to be more committed to their work and timely, thus fostering a positive work environment.
  • It has been shown to have low turnover and absenteeism.
  • It creates an atmosphere of fellowship and cooperation with the members.
  • Being a company to serve the people and therefore have a competitive advantage.
  • Motivation
  • Development of skills
  • Productive person
  • Social group membership
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-concept
  • Acceptance of disability
  • Quality of Life

Present Time:

At this point we are working with 25 handicapped people, which have shown us they are committed, stable, enthusiastic and who value their jobs, and therefore, have a high performance.