PSW / Woodbridge


The support of a great company makes strong brands. Having the support of 61 facilities in 17 countries, creates extraordinary brands. In PSW, for over - years we strive daily to meet the highest quality standards satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of various global customers. In our plants, strategically located throughout Mexico, we produce over - pieces of polyurethane and expanded polypropylene (EPP), which are distributed internationally thanks to the Summa / Woodbridge joint venture.


The World Polyurethane Alliance™ is a united collection of leading urethane manufacturers, offering world-class research, technology, product design, prototyping and manufacturing.

The World Polyurethane Alliance includes; The Woodbridge Group, Proseat, IWFC, Woodbridge Japan, Poliuretanos Summa Woodbridge, IWCT, Wuhan Woodbridge GSK, Sheela Woodbridge Urethanes, WSul Espumas and Toscana Gomma.

This collection of the world’s leading urethane companies provide a global footprint to offer:

  • Local support for global programs, in a seamless environment.
  • Deliver the lowest possible cost.
  • Meet expectations on development timing.
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of development in multiple countries.
  • Provide product launch excellence.
  • Design centralized based on where its developed to launch anywhere.